Happy Mother’s Day Part 2
May 8, 2011, 7:30 AM
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Do you remember this post? This would be the second part to it.

I’ve added the master meshes from that post that you’ll need in order for the stone and glass vases to show up. However, if you haven’t downloaded the original set, I suggest you do so, as it also has recolours for the vases and stone pots.

Some of the files are labeled with ‘master-slave’, essentially this means that that file is the master for the plant and slaved to the master stone or vase file.
I’m sorry for the confusion, but it should be easier to figure it out once you have them in game.


Absence = Natural Fact
February 18, 2011, 5:44 PM
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So . . I don’t really know how to begin this. Suffice it to say that it’s been a busy year, and truthfully, I lost interest. Long story short, last spring we bought a house, and I wanted to decorate it instead of my game. I’m not done decorating, not even close. But how I want to decorate consumes my inspiration and dreaming time, and every time I opened my game full of awesome meshes, it just made me wish I had it for my house and not my game. Am I just delusional or is anyone else like that? So that didn’t help the lack of interest. Enough rambling though, you’re not here for that.

I apologize for the completely uninspired pictures.

Spring is in the air here, for a few days, yay for weather above freezing! So some garden inspired things then. Hopefully you have some use for these things.

First up, I needed these ages ago for a contest. I didn’t have the time for a sim to do the actual gardening. So I quickly extracted all the life stages of the Season’s garden plant and all the veggies and made a deco versions, they’re all mix-and-match, separate plants, separate veggies. I don’t recall what EPs (if any) you’ll need, but I’m almost 100% sure you don’t need Seasons, I would bet they’re base game.

What this all includes is the main big plant, a half grown plant, a sprout, and all the veggies – cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, beans, tomatoes, and strawberries. They’re also repositoried, and labelled.
Also included is a miniature plant and smaller sprout for ATS’s garden greenhouse boxes (as shown in the picture).


I’m not sure that’s useful to anyone, but there it is.

and now some garden landscaping extracts from ts3

Purely decorative, it has no water fountain action. Watering can is from ATS.
And some ‘Scholar’s Rocks’ for your Japanese garden. Please excuse my very non-Japanese garden pictures.


it’s too late for that
October 19, 2009, 5:17 PM
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More conversions for you . . . 😀
Unfortunately I’m a week too late for the Canadian Thanksgiving with this (I apologize to my fellow Canadians), but perhaps you can use this for Halloween and the US Thanksgiving. At least it’s somewhat fall-ish. I’m not a huge ‘theme’ player, my sims never celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter. I’m too lazy to redecorate my houses to suit those occasions. But I’m also more of a decorator/builder then player. But perhaps they’ll come in handy for contests and for those of you that do celebrate holidays in your game.

I decided not to slave any of these items, as the items most likely to stay in your game would require the more fallish items, because I’m not sure I could repository them the other way around. So hopefully you don’t mind too much!

I really liked that pumpkin garland, but I can’t see myself using it overly much with pumpkins, so I made another version with just the leaves, and now I see more possibilities for it 😀


Since medifire seems to be acting up some, here is a alternative link
Boxnet Download

Oct 22, 2009
My apologizes on the last picture, I just did that to illustrate how the garland could be used.
The cage is by Nanu@TSR, the paintings are from Kara’s Watching Society, recolours are by Mangnoliae and the Shells are mine, the white one I haven’t released yet, perhaps soon, but the other grouping can be found on TSR, but maybe I should move some of that over here . . . I suppose I should have been more clear, sorry for any confusion!

There is trouble with the trees
August 30, 2009, 10:54 PM
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It seems that almost everyone is busy importing their favourite CC into TS3. I can’t get into it. Maybe because I don’t have a computer that can handle it as well as I would like. But maybe it’s that I find the decorating thingy-whatchamacallit takes to long to load, and seems a bit more complicated then it needs to be. Never mind the fact that I don’t have the patience.

So instead, I’m happily extracting some of my favourite plants and things out of TS3. So all you faithful TS2 players. Be rewarded 😀

I instantly fell in love with the potted palm, I think it’s the simplicity of it. The large one is the original and is master of the smaller one.

Including vase recolours.

The larger shaped topiary is the master. I’m not completely happy with these two. They insist on being too dark on top, and well lit from underneath. I keep playing with it, but haven’t been able to fix it. arg. If anyone has suggestions, I’m open to them!

Including pot recolours.

And the rest of the plants, the Modern Orchid, in the original giant size and then a much more reasonable sized one (that being the one pictured). Again the larger is the master mesh. A plain rectangle vase with leaves, the calla lilies (and several recolours, the mesh is pink, but I prefer white – hence it being pictured), and the little atrium with the fern.

Download Fern, Orchid, Leaves
Including vase recolours for the leaves.

Download Calla Lilies,
Including flower and pot recolours.

And then something not plants. Toys. I’m a sucker for toys. Especially stuffed animals. So here you go! Except for Koonzilla, they’re all labeled bunnies, even though the shorter one looks more like a bear, then bunny. I’m just going with the original names. 😛


Or you can just Download All

Happy Mother’s Day!
May 10, 2009, 1:24 PM
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To all you mom’s out there, I hope you have a fantastic day today spending time with your kids (or maybe away from them, whatever your preference might be).

I’m in the middle of a huge contest at the moment. It’s eating up all my time. But it’s been a lot of fun, and contests always inspires new content. 🙂 It also offers a distraction from all the decorating, and helps me think about how I’ll go ahead with my next entry.

Slightly befitting, I thought I would offer up some flowers, especially for the moms. Hopefully you also got some real ones 😉

Ready for a bit of confusion?

The medium lilies in the glass vase, are the master mesh for all the glass vases, and all the lilies regardless of container.

The tulips in the glass vase are the master mesh for the tulips in the ceramic pot. Same is true for the irises.

The small grass ceramic pot is the master mesh for all the ceramic pots

Clear as mud? It might be more understandable once you have them in game and can see/read the info on each mesh.

Recolours of each flower are also included.


Alternate Download