For the curses to be broken
May 2, 2011, 9:44 PM
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If you have slow internet, this post may take a while to load, too many pictures. This is going to be the last of the medieval things for awhile. I actually feel like playing my game (shocking!) You’ll find a lot of clutter and some bookcases (which require AL – the only EP with 2 tile bookcases).

I’ll do the bookcases first, there is one with two versions, one will only fit well in a room that is two stories, as the clutter on the top shelf will disappear into the floor above it. The other version has no clutter on top. I haven’t repositoried anything, because I got lazy. Everything has it’s own GUID so you can pick and choose what you would like to put in your game.

These are the other two:

Bookcases done. Have some books:

Yes, most of those books have three sizes, because I like to make more work for myself 😛 I prefer the middle size myself, but I have no idea what everyone else prefers, hence the three sizes – overlarged (which is the original mesh size), medium, or small.

And last of all, random clutter, about 95% of it is from the crafting tables in the previous post, and a few bottles are from one of the bookcases. There is also a message in a bottle, and a snuff box, with a few recolours.

Download-Medieval Books + Bookcases

Download – Medieval Lab + Misc

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Pretty awesome, thank you!

Comment by Eva

Fabolous!Perfect work~

Comment by cicili

Just found your site thanks to Blackpearl Sims. Fantastic stuff! Thanks so very much for your work. I will now place your site under favorites & keep checking back for more 🙂

Comment by Susan

Brilliant! 😀 I’m especially in love with the books, because my Sims can never have too many books (neither can real life me, for that matter 😉 ), but all of it is wonderful.

Comment by NixNivis

Oh, man. Those bottles are absolutely beautiful and the bookcases look fantastic! Thank you so much!

Comment by CrabOfDoom

Yeah !! More books – just what i and my Simmies needed. Thanx so much sweetums xoxo

Btw i am playing my game quite a lot lately – seems i got the spirit back. 🙂

Comment by Silvia

Ooh … this are great, good work on them…
I realy love the book piles! fits good in my Fallout collection! Thanks!

Comment by Soloaris

AMAZING! Thank you

Comment by BEExFREE

These are so cool! Thanks for giving me an excuse not to buy medieval, since I would only use it for meshing fodder anyway.

Comment by Rachel

Hey! I wanted to thank you for this set of stuff, as well as some of the things you shared earlier. Everything is very well-crafted and will spice up my game nicely! Thank you!

Comment by lagritsalammas

Oooh! More medieval stuff!!! Thank you so much :-))

Comment by Anne

I love your work! These are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Comment by Heloise

I am just *stunned.* These are so gorgeous. I’ve been playing TSM for a while, but I didn’t dare to hope someone would actually convert stuff from it to TS3, and even less TS2!

I am so thrilled that someone still makes stuff for us old TS2 enthusiasts, so thank you so much.

Comment by delonariel

Will you please make these for ts3? I only play ts3 now and tsm but really really wanted this stuff for ts3!!! i would love you forever ❤ you don't have to do the books themselves, this guy already did!!!

Comment by Crystal


Comment by lalala

Absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful work!!! Thank you!!

Comment by Aurora

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First off, I love the bits of clutter you share here. I was wondering what your policy is on including a few of your items in lots uploaded to Free Sites (like MTS)? I’m in search of a few more “medievalish” finds to complete my ridiculously massive Gwrych project. I need new sources of inspiration. Please let me know.

Comment by Stephanie

That’s fine, in my faq, I mention that’s it’s all FSF (file share friendly), but a link back would be really appreciated!

Comment by lmhwjs

Really fantastic, I’m happy to discover your site. Thankyou.

Comment by Phine

I Downloaded the Medieval Books,Bookcases, Lab,Misc for my Wizard, Harry Potter, and medieval theme. They are all beautiful and I hope they work well in my game.

Comment by Himsweetie80

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