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March 30, 2011, 7:25 PM
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For those of you that play a medieval themed game, I hope this will be of some use to you. I’ve played a bit of TSM, and I enjoy it, but I kept looking at all those new goodies, and thought I had to have them for TS2. Never mind that I don’t play a medieval themed game, and I’ll probably never use these, they were just too cool to pass up. Too cool not too do, and offered enough of a challenge. I’ve also done some bookcases, but they need a bit of tweaking yet.

These are the crafting tables from TSM, where the chirugeons, wizards, and spys make their poisons, potions, tonics and salves. They kind of remind me of the chemistry set from TS.

The down-side is that they’re only decorative. They offer no function, there was nothing I could think to clone them off of. If anyone has suggestions, I’m listening. Also. On the far right side of the mesh (where the cauldron is), there is a bit of clipping, the sims will walk through a bit of the end. I’ve fixed the footprint as much as it will let me, and it still happens, hopefully, it doesn’t bug you too much. Otherwise, put that end along the wall.



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WOW!!! These are the 1st conversions from TSM!!! These are awesome!!!!!! More, please! More, please!

Comment by Sean

These are adorable, thank you so much!

Is it me, or is the shape of the table similar to the Biotech Station career reward?

Comment by Hat

You’re welcome!

I think you may be right about the Biotech station, I just haven’t used that in such a long time, the only thing I remember is that random objects come flying out of the body? I’ll check it out though.

Comment by lmhwjs

The Biotech station is the science reward, not the medical reward– it’s the one where you make cures and viruses. And it’s kind of L-shaped, although I’m not sure if it’s L-shaped in the right direction, now that I think about it.

Comment by Hat

Clearly I need to play more. I think the one you’re talking about has a chair? I’m not sure if that would completely mess up the table with animations and everything. It might look completely ridiculous when in use . . .

Comment by lmhwjs

Hi Clutter-a-holic.

I love these tables and posted them in the Exotic Goods at

You mentioned they are only decorative since you couldn’t find anything that could be used to clone? Not one that knows anything about that stuff, I did however, come across this at Insimenator. Would the functions be usable for your wizard table?,110478.0.html

Thanks for converting this …. and hope you’ll be doing more from TSM. Those of us at the Medievalsims would love you forever.

Comment by Wawa

I’ll have to download it and give it a go, I guess. Thanks for the link!

I have a few other things I want to extract yet. 😉

Comment by lmhwjs

That one’s also a good idea! Even if it just used the original Castaway potion crafting station.

Comment by Hat

I might try this one, or I may try my hand at the AL witch’s cauldron. Unless a lot of people don’t have AL?

Comment by lmhwjs

Thanks! I hope you do a ton more!

Comment by Eva

Thanks so much for this item! I agree with Eva…please extract more items at your convenience or some info/tutorial would be fabulous to share with us Sims2 fans with medieval games. We really need more items for our theme. xoxo

Comment by Sunni

Thank you so much!
So, it’s possible to convert this stuff.
Is it also recolourable? I would like to try my hands on it, if you allow. Do you?

Comment by Lama

I do allow recolours, and it’s absolutely recolourable. Would be kind of sad if it wasn’t. 😉
I’d like to see what you do with it.

Comment by lmhwjs

Hi! I’m so so glad you’re back! I’ve played a bit of TSM too, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how desperately wonderful it would be to have those objects in TS2… so I didn’t enjoyed it much.
Do you happen to know of any site with some tut on how to convert TS3 objects to TS2? I’ve been looking since TS3 came along, but I can’t find anything..
Thank you for your time, effort and creations.

Comment by Lukas Koiranikós


There is no real tutorial for it, but all the information is out there, MTS is super loaded with the information you need. For any TS3/TSM extraction (it’s the same) I pretty much followed a how to create an object for TS3 – up until they extract the mesh, and then follow a how to create an object for TS2 tutorial. It’s not hard, you just need the right programs. Hopefully I’ll get around to posting a proper tutorial one day.

Comment by lmhwjs

I know it´s not really polite from me but you say “it´s not hard” so I would like to ask if you can (in free time don´t know what to do) do more TS3 objects/furniture conversion? You will be my hero! … 🙂

Comment by BEExFREE

You’re right it’s not hard, but it’s time consuming, and not always enjoyable. So how about in your free time you learn?

Comment by lmhwjs

Thank you for the tip! It doesn’t sound that hard. I did some meshing in the past, but only clothes. I’ll give it a try this weekend. Hopefully I’ll finally get that amazing Poseidon fountain from the store!!
Thanks again!!

Comment by Lukas Koiranikós

Good luck! I’ve stayed away from water animations, I’m kind of afraid to try.
Let me know how it goes!

Comment by lmhwjs

I won’t jump straight to water animations either, I was thinking about converting the fountain into a “deco” object and then, ingame, using move_objects and place that little water sprout for ponds in its middle and voilá! Sounds great in theory, but well… I’m still setting up my game, getting rid of tons of mediocre downloads, I spent half sunday deleting female hairs from the bodyshop… so I couldn’t get hands on the meshing thing, but I’ll let you know when I finish it and, if the uv mapping is decent, I’ll share it somewhere (possible MTS). Have a nice week!!

Comment by Lukas Koiranikós

Hi, lmhwjs! Following your advices, I could make my first ts3 to ts2 conversion, the “the fox” sculpture! Everything is ok… everything but the texture. The uv map is really complex (if made new in uv mapper) and I’m confused because milkshape applies the texture correctly but ingame it’s a disaster.
I’ll continue reading tuts on uv maps this weekend but I’ll apreciate some more advices if you have any.
Thank you very much!

Comment by Lukas Koiranikós

Congratulations! If everything shows up fine in milkshape then I generally wouldn’t touch the mapping. And if you select to make a whole new uv map you’re making a lot of extra work for yourself. Usually the map needs a bit of tweaking, moving things a bit so they line up like they are supposed to. Also make sure that you’ve extracted the correct mesh into milkshape, usually there are four different ones in a sims 3 package (pick the one with the biggest size, say the mlod’s range from 14kb, 10kb, or 5kb, pick the 14kb one), one is the normal one, one is low poly, and the other two, I’m not sure, but generally they are below your ‘y’ line and black.

I don’t know if that helps at all? Maybe show me a picture or send me the file? Good luck this weekend, hopefully it goes better for you!

ETA: I completely forgot to say that I don’t use UVmapper, because I’ve always found it incredibly frustrating. I use the mapping tool in milkshape, go under ‘window – texture coordinate editor’ Make sure to have the groups selected that you want to edit.

Comment by lmhwjs

Thank you for taking the time to extract these and package them for TS2. I know it takes time to do this so a big thanks!! ^_^

Comment by Christina

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for these! I don’t play medieval, but every AL witch is going to have one!

Comment by CrabOfDoom

All the press for tsm keep mentioning the new “painterly” style and I just kept thinking it looks more s2 than s3! Yay! Thank you for figuring out how to get the pretties from there to here, and thank you for sharing it with us 😀

Comment by shastakiss

I love all conversions from TS3 and this is WAU!!! THX 🙂

Comment by BEExFREE

This is fantastic, awesome, wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you…
Your the best!!!!!

Comment by judy555

Oh yay, I was so hoping some of the stuff from TSM would get extracted for Sims 2 XD

Comment by oph3lia

Thank you so much for converting these! 😀

Comment by TwistedSister

[…] Download link […]

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I don’t play medieval (Star Trek is my poison 😉 ), but these are wonderful conversions. I just love the deco! 😀

Comment by NixNivis

Any point in still hoping for a sci-fi themed The Sims…?
I never did get it: why the crashed UFO’s, silly abductions, male pregnancies and green-skinned pollinator technicians? I’d prefer space stations, exo-planets, astronaut-outfits & -careers!!! *end of pointless whining rant*

Comment by Betty

Oooooh, yay! Thank you so much for converting and sharing these 🙂

Comment by Van

Thank you! This is perfect for my witches and warlocks. 😀

Comment by enchanted_black

[…] Sims Medieval Tables […]

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Wonderful! These will be appreciated by witch sims. Thank you. ^_^

Comment by Strange Tomato

Hurrah!!! I have a whole medieval neighborhoood in Sims2 (would play TSM too if it had kind of the same gameplay… but it seems to be quite different) and I’m always happy to add more stuff to it, even if it’s just decorative.
Would be great of course if Sims could use these for skilling or for hobby enthusiasm etc… but they look so absolutely beautiful that I don’t mind at all :-)))

Comment by Anne

You’re all very welcome! I’m pleasantly surprised by all the feedback from this post! Thank you 🙂

Comment by lmhwjs

I have been trying to do conversions myself from the items already converted from TSM to TS3. Except that I am unable to extract the mesh/texture from a TS3 object without having Sims3 installed. I have tried at least four different TS3 utility programs and just don’t understand it. So, I am assuming that it needs to be installed for it to work. I wouldn’t have write an entire tutorial because I know how to make a Sims2 object, but if you have any thoughts on extracting meshes/textures from TS3 items that would be helpful. I really don’t want to buy/install TS3 if it can be avoided since I won’t be playing it.

Comment by Sunni

I use Simlogical’s S3OC and S3PE (which can be found here).
If you have the files, I can’t imagine you would need the game installed, especially for those two programs. But I couldn’t tell you for sure as I have the game installed.

Please excuse me if I’m going over things you already know. You’ll want to extract the img files and the mlod’s. The img files are dds, which you’ll need a paint program to open. Keep in mind that the majority of image files are grayscale, and the map (usually red and green etc – used for different subsets in TS3). Sometimes you’ll be able to pull decorative item’s textures from the provided imgs. If you’re looking for a complete texture, it usually doesn’t happen. You’ll have to put in your own fabric/wood texture, and you can use the grayscale to act as shadows. The only program I know for sure where you can extract a whole texture is TSR’s Workshop, I have no idea what that requires.
I hope that helps some?

Comment by lmhwjs

With or without functionality, I just have to try these. Me + my sims love witchy decor & stuff tihi 😉 Of course it’d be fantastic if my sims could really brew something up in that mini-cauldron but thanks anyway!

Comment by Betty

WOW! well done! these are amazing!! thank you soo much for making them!! will there be anymore sims mevieval to sims 2 conversions? I hope so!! Thanks Again!!! I’m so grateful that someone in the simming world is converting stuff from sims medieval to sims 2!

Comment by lalala

Thank you, these are beautiful. You did such an awesome job!

Comment by valpre

Thank you! These will definitely be put into use in my Magic Town.

As far as crafting stations go, there’s a potion crafting table that came with castaway. I don’t know a lot about object creation, but it seems like the perfect fit to me!

I know it’s been converted for TS2 on the MATY forum, if you’re interested, or I could send you a copy of the file.

Comment by delonariel

THANK YOU SO MUCH~!!!! Seriously, this is really great. I hope to see more Sims Medieval conversions for Sims 2, since I prefer it over Sims 3. I don’t know if that’s possible, and I’m sure you’re busy, but if it is, please consider! Thanks again for these lovely conversions 🙂

Comment by Nonny

please make these for ts3! you would be my hero!

Comment by Crystal

I agree with Crystal please make these for the sims 3 and you could base them off of the generations chemistry set!

Comment by reareagirlMarianna

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