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February 18, 2011, 5:44 PM
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So . . I don’t really know how to begin this. Suffice it to say that it’s been a busy year, and truthfully, I lost interest. Long story short, last spring we bought a house, and I wanted to decorate it instead of my game. I’m not done decorating, not even close. But how I want to decorate consumes my inspiration and dreaming time, and every time I opened my game full of awesome meshes, it just made me wish I had it for my house and not my game. Am I just delusional or is anyone else like that? So that didn’t help the lack of interest. Enough rambling though, you’re not here for that.

I apologize for the completely uninspired pictures.

Spring is in the air here, for a few days, yay for weather above freezing! So some garden inspired things then. Hopefully you have some use for these things.

First up, I needed these ages ago for a contest. I didn’t have the time for a sim to do the actual gardening. So I quickly extracted all the life stages of the Season’s garden plant and all the veggies and made a deco versions, they’re all mix-and-match, separate plants, separate veggies. I don’t recall what EPs (if any) you’ll need, but I’m almost 100% sure you don’t need Seasons, I would bet they’re base game.

What this all includes is the main big plant, a half grown plant, a sprout, and all the veggies – cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, beans, tomatoes, and strawberries. They’re also repositoried, and labelled.
Also included is a miniature plant and smaller sprout for ATS’s garden greenhouse boxes (as shown in the picture).


I’m not sure that’s useful to anyone, but there it is.

and now some garden landscaping extracts from ts3

Purely decorative, it has no water fountain action. Watering can is from ATS.
And some ‘Scholar’s Rocks’ for your Japanese garden. Please excuse my very non-Japanese garden pictures.



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Oh wow, I love these plants. I think they come in handy for all who decorate without actually ‘playing’! So thank you! And the fountain is great too!! Thanks! Hopefully you will regain some of your interest, we sure appreciate your fantastic work!

I do relate to your story though… decorating for the game has influenced my RL tastes immensely. Now if only I had the money and space to actually follow-up on that. Good luck with decorating your house!

Comment by Hannie18

O.O an update! how exciting! thanks so much!

Comment by Christina

So great to see you back, missed your updates! As always you have given us yet another fantastic set. Thank You….

Comment by MsTeaQueen

These are wonderful! I can always use more garden things 🙂 Thank you so much!

Comment by amythestfenix

Glad you like the updates, thanks for the comments 🙂

Hannie, it’s true for me too, except now I have the space, I just need money (Who doesn’t though!). I found it was easier to deal with it when I had no space, instead of not enough money.

Comment by lmhwjs

These are fantastic, thank you so much for sharing! 😀

Comment by JeyBee

I’m so glad you updated! Thanks for sharing.

And no you’re not alone:) For instance, when I bought my house, I couldn’t play the game at all. I resented the sims for being able to change wallpaper by a simple shift-click, while I spend days tearing off wallpaper.

Comment by keoni

[…] Download link […]

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Never apologize for having a life outside of the sims. As a person who doesn’t create for the game but relies on creators to help me make my game look the way I want it I am alwys grateful and neve expectant. Thank you for the clutter.

Comment by sjoisan

Ooooh look who´s back – it´s my sweet Lllllaura !! So glad to read you are ok just haven´t enough money *lol* – the same here hon and the same feelings about all the great stuff having for the game but not for RL *arrrgh*

Thank you and see you ! Huuuugs !

Comment by Silvia

Silvi! ❤
So good to see you're still around! *bighugs*

Comment by lmhwjs

I love the TS3 extracts! I don’t think I can get enough since I still haven’t bothered with the game. I’m too attached to my Sims 2. 🙂
These are great and I’m happy you’re back! (ish?)

Comment by Megan

Wow, an update after almost a year, and what have we! Thanks a lot for all these fantastic objects Laura, and all the best for your RL decor.

p.s: I totally know and can relate to what you mean about the in-game meshes. I find myself wanting them in real life quite frequently!

Comment by Omer

Thank you so much for your support everyone! ❤

Comment by lmhwjs

The extracted deco Season’s plants are useful to me! ^_^ Now I can use them for a community garden and not have to worry about the upkeep. Thank you!

Comment by Strange Tomato

It’s great to see you back, but of course Real Life has to take precedence over Simming! Or at least so I’m told by the people who have them. 😉
I love all the objects, but the water pump is my favourite. It’ll look absolutely perfect next to the outdoor tub (also by ATS) that many of my Sims use for washing their pets. 🙂

Comment by NixNivis

Laura, first of all – congratulations on the new house! I hope you’re loving it there. Your timing for posting this update couldn’t have been better – I have been working on a farm lot. Thank you for the goodies!

Comment by Rida

Rida! Thanks! *hugs* I hope everything is going well with you!

Comment by lmhwjs

I just stumbled over this blog and I LOVE IT! Actually, I don’t love clutter irl, I hate it ’cause I’m drowning in it at home lol but in my Sims2 it’s a whole other matter! It’s my virtual refuge, that’s where I get to go wild and try out decorating ideas I could never get away with sharing a home with 2 other ppl & several cats haha. I tried TS3 but didn’t like it + it was too demanding so my PC didn’t like it either. I still love my TS2 and I was worried once TS3 came I’d no longer find new CC!! Glad I was wrong about that. Thanks for the lovely clutter, especially the stages of veggies 🙂

Comment by Betty

I try to keep it to a very small minimum at home as well, but it’s fun to have in game!
You’re welcome!

Comment by lmhwjs

where is that box planter on the ground (PIC 2)
I cant find it at ATS2
i luv all ur stuff

Comment by trudi kelly

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