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October 24, 2009, 11:48 AM
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I don’t have much to say about this update, other than these were some things that caught my eye, and now you get them.

The suitcases are slaved, you’ll need the pile of three in order for the other two meshes to work.

Unfortunately the telescope is for decoration only. I tried to clone it from the actual telescope, but it would cause sims to jump back away from it. Due I think to missing animations, but that is at the moment beyond me, perhaps one day . . .

I’m slowly working on the clock from this set as well, but when I export meshes the best I get is a bumpmap, and every now and then (say plants for example) I get a texture, but not usually. So the gears and pendulum are missing and I’m not fantastic at doing some textures from scratch – especially steampunk.


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I’ve been a longtime lurker here and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my downloads folder! This is my favorite set yet! Thank you for doing what you do.

Comment by Hannah

Thanks for de-lurking! Glad you enjoy the goodies 🙂

Comment by lmhwjs

More great stuff, the telescope is gorgeous. Thank you

Comment by Donna

Love,love your clutter!!! Thank you!!! 🙂

Comment by Linda

I love your stuff, thank you so much for sharing!

Comment by Chokelate

[…] Download link […]

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Love it!! Especially the paper with quill! Thanks for bringing this to Sims2!!

Comment by Anne

Bandwidth Exceeded for the pictures. :C

Comment by ZomboeTongues

Sadly that is so, but they’ll be back around the 14th of the month. And I’ve moved a few things around so hopefully it won’t happen again.

Thanks everyone! 🙂

Comment by lmhwjs

Thank you so much fore these conversions! I’m just getting back into TS2 after trying TS3, and I really missed some of the great cluttery.

And just to give a suggestion, I’d love to see more of the steampunk set 🙂

Comment by delonariel

Just wondering if it’d be okay for someone to make the telescope functional? your TOU says to not modify your meshes, but I’d really like a functional one, and since I’m not able to modify meshes, I was asking someone, is it ok for you? 🙂

Comment by sil30stm

Sure, if they can get it working, let me know!
Thanks for asking 🙂

Comment by lmhwjs

omg I love you!!! Thank you so much for this! You have no idea how happy I’m now!

Comment by kawfeczka

Hi Laura,

I made that steampunk telescope functional, you can find it here:

I didn’t use your mesh, Evanesco extracted it from TS3 again for this purpose, but I thought you might like to know anyway.

Comment by Eva

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