Why am I such a misfit?
October 15, 2009, 5:35 PM
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I needed these things for a contest I entered a while ago, a long awhile ago, time keeps getting away from me. Most of these things are quite similar to the actual objects they’re based off of. I mainly removed the bases (now they look like toys instead of sculptures) and resized them, or moved their limbs around.

The small standing alien is the master.

The small pig is the master.

The small duck is the master.


Some deco for kids rooms, or adults who just refuse to give up their childhood things . . . not like I’m guilty of that or anything *avoids eye contact*

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Totally cute!

Comment by Ylvi

Seriously, you rock. These are awesome.

Comment by Anna

I found your site just today and really love it! Thanks for sharing your cool stuff 🙂

Comment by Anne

[…] Download link […]

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I tried to write ya, but this is the only way I knew how 🙂 I love your stuff, your great at this 🙂 I’m new to the sim world, but am a big addict now for sims3. I have a hard time trying to figure out if the items are for TS3. I was hoping you could give me a little hint if there is a way to notice between the two before I download them :)’ Thanxs ahead of time!

Comment by Christine

Hi Christine, all my items are for TS2, I don’t enjoy TS3 (for various reasons), and CC creation for that game is still being worked on, so content is limited for it. But I hope you will find some things that you really like for TS3 at other sites. 🙂 I hope that answered your question okay?

Comment by lmhwjs

Thank you everyone 😀

Comment by lmhwjs

I tried to download these and it kept saying Page Not Found. Do you have them loaded elsewhere? I saw a picture of the aliens elsewhere and fell in love with them. After seeing more of the stuff here, I must have this download!!! Please?

Comment by Kelli

OK, link now works. Go figure. Thank you for the stuff and your time!

Comment by Kelli

I’ve had these bookmarked in my RSS reader since 2009, and figured today was a good day to get around to downloading them 😛

Thank You so much for sharing your cute little creations with us – I know my little Simmies will love them in their bedrooms 🙂

Comment by Zaphod Beeblebrox

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