Happy Mother’s Day!
May 10, 2009, 1:24 PM
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To all you mom’s out there, I hope you have a fantastic day today spending time with your kids (or maybe away from them, whatever your preference might be).

I’m in the middle of a huge contest at the moment. It’s eating up all my time. But it’s been a lot of fun, and contests always inspires new content. 🙂 It also offers a distraction from all the decorating, and helps me think about how I’ll go ahead with my next entry.

Slightly befitting, I thought I would offer up some flowers, especially for the moms. Hopefully you also got some real ones 😉

Ready for a bit of confusion?

The medium lilies in the glass vase, are the master mesh for all the glass vases, and all the lilies regardless of container.

The tulips in the glass vase are the master mesh for the tulips in the ceramic pot. Same is true for the irises.

The small grass ceramic pot is the master mesh for all the ceramic pots

Clear as mud? It might be more understandable once you have them in game and can see/read the info on each mesh.

Recolours of each flower are also included.


Alternate Download

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Hi Laura,
I love your new update, the flowers look lovely. Unfortunately the download link is giving me an invalid file error. I’d really love to download this …

Comment by Eva

That’s strange Eva, do me a favour and refresh your browser. It’s working just fine for me. If it’s still being moronic, I’ll upload it elsewhere as well.

Comment by lmhwjs

It’s working fine now. Must have been mediafire acting up or something, I tried it 4 times before. Anyway, I have it now. Thanks!

You know I love all your stuff!

Comment by Eva

Thank you Laura. I can never have enough little pots!

Comment by Lefteris

Oh Laura, these are lovely, thanks a lot! (For this and all your clutter!)

Comment by alexpilgrim

Oh thank you for thus lovely potts and flowers. The link for me worked fine (I use Firefox),maybe one should clean the cookies into browser?

Anyway, thanks a lot – never can have enough of such beautiful pots, they are so cute to decorate the kitchen windowsill 🙂

Comment by JayJay

Thanks for these fantastic flowers!!!

Comment by Ylvi

these are adorable! ❤ thanks hun I love your way of thinking 😀

Comment by lina

Thank you so much for spoiling us with these oh so lovely flowers sweetums !

Love you ! xoxo

Comment by Silvia

These are so pretty. Do they require the Ikea Pack? 🙂

Comment by Jess

Nope, they work with base game 🙂 Some of the flowers are from M&G as well, but they’re all base game.

Thank you all for the lovely comments, happy you like them! 😀

Comment by lmhwjs

Awesome, thanks then! 🙂

Comment by Jess

these are very very cute…i like it *.*
thank you so very much..:)

Comment by Billyjean

Laura, these are so cute! Thank you for sharing! ❤

Comment by Rida

I love all of them! Thank you so much Laura. (: Your blog is a pleasure to navigate through.

Comment by Omer

[…] the freshest update ever, I though I would post it anyway, because the set includes some pretty decorative flowers. There are some lilies (pictured), tulips, irises and nice green grass. They all come in ceramic or […]

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Lovely. Thank you for sharing 🙂

Comment by semicolon

Thanks so much Laura these are wonderful!!

Comment by CrazyTulip/Petra

Hello, I recoloured the lilies and thought you may appreciate being given a link ->

Thank you for sharing your lovely clutter! This is one of my favourite sets (I have a bit of a weakness for flowers))

Comment by Nymphy

Fabulous! I love your custom content here. *waits eagerly for more*

Comment by Penelope

Are all these downloads for Sims 2 or Sims 3?
thnks, Sandra.
Ps, hope you make much much more clutter, I just love clutter!!!

Comment by TheUnicorn

I loved these! I used them everywhere with OMSPs. (On windowsills, fence posts, cluttering up the green house.) They are, by far, my favorite flowers of the Sims 2. I was hoping someone would come along and make a conversion to Sims 3. I would hate to let these flowers go.
(It seems to me all of Sims 3 flowers are big and over-powering. These would be just perfect!)

Comment by Katy

[…] tu ich mit diesem Erweiterungsset. Es enthält viele Variationen der Originaltöpfchen und ein paar neue […]

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