April 24, 2009, 5:35 PM
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I’ve been toying with the idea of doing this for awhile, and then when life decided to act up this week, it was the perfect distraction.

I’ve only recently discovered the BV Travel poster, I’m not sure why it took so long, but it did. It’s a fantastic mesh, and when you add to that the smaller sizes that KarasKaras did, it’s perfect! But I’m a bit of a picture addict. I love frames and canvases, and I want them all. I really wanted a horizontal and square version of the BV Travel poster. So I made them.

(yes, these picture textures are on their side, I used the same texture for the mesh as the original, so they have a similar look in the game catalog, rest assured the recolours I did [and hopefully others do] will show correctly, view the album to see how they look).

These require BV. They take the frame texture from the original. The largest size of each is the master mesh for the picture texture.
I’ve also added a gazillion recolours for each the horizontal and square pictures as well as recolours for the original frames.

Which you can all check out here:

BV Poster Horizontal Recolour Album

BV Poster Square Recolour Album

BV Poster (Original) Recolour Album

and you thought I was kidding about the ridiculous amount of recolours 😉 Sorry for the lousy pictures, but I didn’t really feel like taking great screenshots of all those recolours!

Download Meshes

Download Original BV Recolours

Download Horizontal Recolours

Download Square Recolours

Since mediafire seems to be having issues, here’s an alternate link for the downloads.

Download All