Roll up for the mystery tour
April 6, 2009, 1:32 PM
Filed under: Downloads, Meshes

I was quasi redecorating a house that came with AL in the new neighbourhood. It’s the industrial looking place beside the trailer park. The owner seemed to have acquired a lot of gearhead type things. And he had this interesting endtable, which was fine as an endtable, but I thought it would be so much better as a chair.
I also thought the bohemian art desk that came with FT was nice, but I preferred to have that little storage compartment separate. So much more versatile. And of course you can’t really have an art room, without some supplies. So of course those are included.

The gearhead chair requires AL, it pulls it’s texture from the original endtable. And to be honest I can’t remember if the supply cubby thingy is base game or something else. So I apologize for that lapse in memory.