something with long sleeves, cause it’s unpredictable
April 2, 2009, 12:02 PM
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Comes with several recolours.


This was previously posted at TSR. Comes with all the recolours. I’ve also moved the post, so now it actually connects with the wall. I hate gaps, not sure why I didn’t fix it before.


For those interested, I also added a link banner in the TOU + FAQ
Hope the sun is shining where you are.


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Yippiehhh !! More gorgeous goodies and i see orange ! *swoon*

Thanx so much sweetums. Huuuuugs !:)

Comment by Silvia

Silvi, you so rock, and totally make my day ❤

Comment by lmhwjs

These are awesome! thanks!!

Btw, these don’t require an EP/SP, do they?

Comment by Jessy


Comment by Jessy

They should be base game 🙂

Comment by lmhwjs

Okay, thank you. 🙂

Comment by Jessy

Looks nice 🙂
I’ve never understood why EAxis didn’t make more stuff like this… It’s these little things that make the game more ‘real’
Thank You

Comment by Zaphod

This is perfect! Thanks!

And thank you so much for the linky banner dealie. I’ll be adding it to our links for sure. 😀

Comment by aikea guinea

I have used that jacket in so many homes hehe. Thank you hun *hugs*

Comment by lpvinyl21

These are fantastic (as is all your clutter – I have it all!) However I thought I should let you know that I’m having trouble downloading the blue TSS jacket. It might be a problem my end, not yours, but I thought I should let you know anyway.

Thanks for your great work 😀

Comment by soozelwoozel

The blue sweater? Is it corrupt or mediafire just won’t let you DL it? Downloading works fine for me. Sometimes trying to download it in a different web browser helps.

Glad you like the clutter, thank you 😀

Comment by lmhwjs

[…] I really love clutter-a-holic for their fantastic meshes and conversions. I wish there was a new clutter-a-holic for TS3 as well… a girl can dream, right? I made that Helmer drawer and PS clock in a smaller more manageable version. You also get a shell from TS3, two piles of mail, wall hooks, a leash, and a lower sweater with no post attached so it looks alright on the hook – you will need the master mesh found here. […]

Pingback by Spring4Sims » PS Clock Smaller, Letters, Shell… and More Clutter clutter-a-holic

WOW just came upon this through a WCIF at BPS – this is great! Thanks so much!!

Comment by kambre

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