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March 26, 2009, 2:22 PM
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Whenever I send my sims on vacation, they completely fail at making sandcastles, why is that? They make a pile of sand, sometimes when they’re feeling really brilliant they make a tower or two. And then ta-daa! They’re done. I didn’t realize that building sandcastles requires an amazing skill set. I solved my problem though. I extracted them. I guess my sims will never excel in the sand building category.


I have to warn you that the medium and high sandcastle are slightly high poly, medium is 1416 and the large is a ridiculous 2313.

Larger Pic


And what would world travel be without your tchockies, thingamabobs, and whatchamacallits.


The only thing here that is a higher poly is Mr. Mickles, the voodoo doll, only 1000. So not bad. The others are well under 800.
I also added my recolours of the conch shell, otherwise found at TSR.

Larger Pic



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Oooohhhh, love it 😀 Thank you

Comment by Elven Ranger

‘Tis awesome. Thanks. 😀

Comment by Jessy

OMG, these are wonderful! I hope you keep making/extracting more things to clutter my sim houses with.

Comment by Laura

I told you already but i have to say it again – you always pick the most lovely things sweetie !

Thanx so much chica ! Huuuugs !

Comment by Silvia

I love all these extractions. Thanks muchly!

Do you have a linky banner dealie, by any chance?

Comment by aikea guinea

hmm a linkie, I never considered one of those, although I’m very flattered you asked 🙂 Here’s one I quickly did, hopefully it works okay.

You’re all very welcome, thank you so much! I wasn’t sure if anyone would even be interested in these things.

eta: okay, so apparently it doesn’t want to be viewed here, so I’ll be adding it to the FAQ area shortly

Comment by lmhwjs

Ooh, these are simply awesome; thanks for sharing! ❤

Comment by Timesynthesist

Oooo, Laura, I love these!

Comment by Rida

Mediafire will not allow me to download. It says the file has been removed, is this a problem with mediafire?

Comment by Chelle

The files are still there, I can download them just fine. Mediafire is being stupid. Perhaps try downloading from a different browser?

Comment by lmhwjs

These are wonderful! you are so clever Laura 🙂

Comment by lpvinyl21

I was going crazy hunting for shells and coloured glass for my clutter shop! Thank you so much 😀

Comment by delonariel

I love this set of goodies… fabulous!

do they actually require BV to work or will they work without?

Comment by limabean

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